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We decided to reduce waste and haven’t thrown away anything for the last years because we started to donate or sell everything we didn’t use anymore and have been doing it regularly ever since. It is amazing how many people are interested in reusing products.

“Creativity can protect the environment.”

There are different ways to save the environment in a throw-away society by reducing overconsumption, reusing an item multiple times or by recycling. Sometimes, however, recycled items may be less appealing or of lower quality, but there is another option. Upcycling is the sustainable way of creating new products with used or antique material by turning an old item into something even better.

Today I would like to present Sascha Akkermann’s work for a second time. I have already written a post about his upcycled furniture here and now I would like to take a peek with you at a sideboard and a coffee table Sascha produces for his series ProduktWerft. These uniquely chic items were made by hand from old Euro pallets and are 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Photos © ProduktWerft / Sascha Akkermann

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