Rubelli’s Wonderland


The over hundred-years-old Venetian textile company Rubelli presented their new collection Venezia 2016 In Wonderland during the “Münchner Stoff Frühling“ fair. You know I’m a textile designer and I couldn’t keep my hands from touching these wonderful fabrics. A mix of precious, classic motifs and some incredibly modern designs. Today I show you a selection of the Rubelli collection.


The Filarete design reminds me of a broken ancient fresco and it perfectly match together with Victoria, a shiny faux uni. Both have a wonderfully rich and noble effect.


My next favorite fabric is Rembrandt, which mimics large brush strokes. The best way to bring this curvy pattern with irregular features to a perfect weaved fabric is a Jacquard process.


Monet is a printed chenille inspired by a watercolour painting.


I love the Backgammon design, because this simple geometric pattern always works and Rubelli created some wonderful colourways.


Friedy, one of my favorites, has a tartan-like weave with modern colours. I love it as a chair upholstery.

Photos © Rubelli


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