9 New wall colours & how to paint a perfect wall border


Colours can influence our mood. Everybody knows it and why not use the power of colours to create our personal mood space at home!? After years of living with only white walls, we have just finished painting the last room with a wonderful muted grey-beige paint. First, we started to renovate our home using more vibrant colours, but soon we realised that we wouldn’t really like it over a long term and after six months we started to repaint the walls. We decided on more muted colours and now it is perfect. That’s why I would like to show you some new Farrow & Ball paint colours, which the company has recently launched for 2016. There are soft neutrals and pastel colours, but also intense and dark ones.

In addition, I would like to give you a tip as to how paint the perfect white border on top of the wall, like we did. We tried it for the first time and I love this classic detail in combination with these elegant wall colours. So, first lets start by taking a look at the colours.

Drop Cloth No. 283
The colour is a nod to painters drop cloth and the perfect contrast to the slightly lighter Shaded White and Shadow White.

Shadow White No. 282
The colour takes its name from the soft tone created when whites are used in shaded areas. It has none of the perceived yellow of Slipper Satin and is the perfect contrast to the slightly darker Shaded White.

Cromarty No. 285
A lighter version of Mizzle – Inspired by sea mist this colour brings a muted softness to any room.

Yeabridge Green No. 287
This colour was found in an 18th century Georgian Hamstone farmhouse in Yeabridge, Somerset, when the original gun cupboard was removed. It has a little more yellow than Breakfast Room Green but a little less than Churlish Green.

Peignoir No. 286
This grey pink has a romantic feel inspired by the chiffon gowns in which ladies traditionally brushed their hair in boudoirs.

Worsted No. 284
This colour brings to mind city suits made from the flat woven fabric Worsted, so named after the Norfolk village where the yarn was originally woven. For devotees of our Easy Greys neutral family.

Salon Drap No. 290
The richness of this colour is instantly appealing and equally at home when used to evoke a classic 19th century feel, and the perfect go-to ‘chocolate’ for a modern look. This warm drab works as a dark accompaniment to both the Yellow and Red Based Neutrals.

Vardo No. 288
A Vardo is a traditional horse drawn gypsy or Romany wagon. This colour works particularly well with reds or dark greys.

Inchyra Blue No. 289
This colour was first used at the classic Georgian Inchyra House to work with moody Scottish skies. A great alternative to charcoal, or to create a moody feel by combining it with Black Blue or Vardo.

Photos © Farrow & Ball

“Tip: How to paint a perfect white wall border.”


1. First, you paint a white border on top of the wall along the ceiling. How wide you would like depends on your taste.

2. After the paint has dried, take a masking tape and fix it firmly on top of the wall along the ceiling.

3. Now paint again with white along the bottom edge of the masking tape. This step will fill the irregularities in the wall with the white colour and prevent the main colour from making those ugly drips.

4. After drying for a short time you could start to paint your walls using the colour you decided on.

5. After you have finished the painting and everything has dried you can remove the tape and you will have a perfect razor-sharp line.

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  1. Wunderschöne Farben und der Trick mit dem Streifen ist wirklich klasse…

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