Magical installations by Rune Guneriussen


Hello everybody, today I would like to share my newest discovery with you. The Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen works with everyday objects and places them in the nature, creating a very special fairy tale-like mood. He has used tons of books to build a tower, mounted a huge number of lights around trees and I love the telephones walking into water. The strong contrast of the artificial objects and the Norwegian landscape creates wonderfully magical images.

Rune Guneriussen studied at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design in England. Today he lives and works as a concept artist in Norway.

Have a wonderful week and be inspired!


Photos © Rune Guneriussen | With courtesy of Gallery Werkhallen.

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  1. Das sind wirklich unglaublich schöne Installationen! Die mit den Lampen im Wald gefällt mir besonders gut!
    ♥ Sarah

    • Ja, die Lampeninstallation ist wunderschön. Mich haben diese Bilder sofort gefesselt, als ich sie sah. Freue mich, dass sie dir auch gefallen. LG

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