Amazing Ink Paintings by Artist Thomas Hammer


“To all art lovers, here’s a great artist.”

Dear readers, do you love art? I do, and I’m always looking for great artists. We love visiting art exhibitions and so far we have collected some wonderful paintings.

I discovered the New York based artist Thomas Hammer while looking through the online art gallery Saatchi Art. I was immediately captivated by his ink paintings, created through an accumulation of layers by freehand brushstrokes and airbrush techniques in black and white. I especially like the images where you can see how he creates his paintings through whole-body movements. Isn’t this a stunning approach?

“Powerful and Dynamic”

Do you like it? Who is your favorite artist or did you discover a new artist?

Please let me know!

M11 by Thomas Hammer | Saatchi Art

Encephalartos brevifoliolatus by Thomas Hammer | Saatchi Art


photo credit: courtesy of

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