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Hi, today we are visiting my favorite Italian restaurant: the Pastissima in Augsburg, Germany. We’re here not only because the food is delicious, but because I love the creative interior style. Let´s start with my favorite lamps, which look like stylish handmade paper mâché with nice red cables. What do you think of this wonderful white vase collection, or these retro style elements, like the old alarm clock and the Martini soda bottle? I love the dark grey pleated wall with the frame decoration at seat height and I think this interior is a great mix of modern decor with retro and classic elements. So, cosy up and enjoy!

Pastissima_designhausno9_2Photos © Angela Schiewer

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  1. That wall treatment is so unique – any idea how it was achieved? Lots of creative ideas here that I might be able to use in my home – the frames filled with felt pads would work great as bulletin boards in my office!

  2. …tolle fotos, so stimmungsvoll wie die gebratenen calamari:-)

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