In-Your-Face 2014 | Art Exhibition in Augsburg


IN YOUR FACE is a platform for national and international young artists which took place in Augsburg, Kunsthalle F6zehn during the last days. This amazing exhibition presented urban and contemporary art like photography, painting, graphic art, graffiti, street art, sculpture and music.

Let’s start with the wonderful painting “Eingesessen” by Berlin based designer Holger Weißflog. I like the girl with the bird cage on her head, as well as the beautiful colour combination on the muted background.


I’ve long been a fan of Michal Platas (mi:hau) art and I have already published a post about his work here. Today you see two brand new drawings from his “Triptychon I-III” series.


F6zehn Kunsthalle impressions.


Graphic designer Nontira Kigle lives and works in Augsburg. Her playful illustrations “Fox in the Snow” and “Circle around you” are so positive and made me smile.


How amazing! These incredible paintings are so realistic, aren’t they? The artist TASSO / Jens Müller is original from Saxony and is working as a graffiti artist.


The Swiss artist David Monllor showed his “Bird Studies“. Delicate birds that seem to shatter like glass.


Here is a graphical work by Sebastian sdkaröe Daschner. He works as a freelance designer and graffiti artist near Munich.


The German artist Jan “EIFRIG” Schmicker currently lives in Paris and his painting is called: “Tough landing in Paradise“.


Tattooed girl painted on cardboard by HAUS 75.

Photos © Angela Schiewer

Did you like my small IN YOUR FACE snapshots? Which work of art do you prefer?

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  1. Mich beeindrucken die Bilder von TASSO besonders. Diese Charakterköpfe sind wirklich unglaublich – besonders wenn man die dargestellten Personen persönlich kennt. Seine Ausstellung in der Meeraner Galerie war 2013 ein absoluter Erfolg. Inzwischen hat er sehr viel Neues – beeindruckendes – geschaffen; ich wünsche i9hn ganz viel Erfolg auf seinem Weg!!!

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