It’s time to tidy up, but in a stylish way

OK, I think I have to reveal my real nature: I love to clean up. Not every day, but if I start I prefer a complete clearing out. It’s such a liberating feeling to separate myself from old and useless things. You’ll get a better overview again and it will relieve your mind immensely. It’s a thorough cleansing of the cabinets and drawers as well as of the soul. Does anyone know that feeling too? It’s fantastic! I clean up my workspace after each design phase to clear my head, before I start a new project. But the best thing is that my husband has as much fun clearing out as I have. He is the flea market champion and I strongly suspect that in a previous life his job was declutting.

“Tidy up with style”

Now I would like to share my last finding with you: The beautiful wire baskets by Korbo. The baskets are completely handwoven with a single wire and available in stainless steel, copper, and brass. For the copper basket, I immediately scream ‘HERE’. I like the hanging basket – especially for the wardrobe – to collect all the small items like scarves, caps, etc. These are things one needs daily, but is too lazy to constantly clear them up. The baskets are also suitable for workplace storage, they are able to store the firewood, to use it in the kitchen, or to be used as a plant pot.

I think it’s a stylish and timeless way to keep our daily lives tidy.

Photos © Korbo

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