Hot Design – Spices in well-designed ceramic pots

I was spending a comfortable evening watching a TV report on German manufacturing companies. The spice manufacturer Pfeffersack & Soehne attracted my notice. The terrific glimpse behind the scenes shows the mixing of spices to their own recipes, filling into pots, and sticking the labels. Every step is handmade. Their enthusiasm and dedication to their products was so catching that I immediately ordered the white pepper, the Utah sweet salt, and, for the barbecue, the Beef BBQ Rub.

The four P&S founders launched their company in 2011 in Koblenz / Germany and get their quality spices and herbs from around the world, and, as far as available, they prefer regional products. They only use pesticide- and heavy metal-free products without using flavor enhancers. I already look forward to cooking with the new spices.

But what makes my designer’s heart beat pretty fast are the well-designed ceramic pots with the huge cork stopper that contains the spices. They are handmade by a small German pottery factory and awarded with the Red Dot Design Award. You can perfectly create delicious food and decorate your kitchen with these stylish pots that are also available in three sizes and many colours like black, midnight blue, white, warm grey, and three pastels. In addition, there are small bowls for serving the wonderful spices for seasoning – and my heart starts beating faster again.

Black and warm grey are my favourite colours. Above you can see how a lump of clay becomes a beautiful P&S ceramic pot.

Photos © Pfeffersack & Soehne

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