Products I Love: A little bird told me …

… about many charming birds to decorate your home:


1| BIRDS by designer and furniture maker Jacob Pugh. Made of Sycamore or Walnut and finished with bright colours. Please find more information visiting Matt Pugh.

2| EARLY BIRD is a handmade ceramic lamp and comes in a variety of beautiful colours. Please take a look at Alma’s Room.

3| The SONGBIRD Family created in the 1950‘s by Kay Bojesen. Please take a look at the whole family: Kay, Peter, Ruth, Otto, Pop and Sunshine. All Songbirds are made from solid beech wood.

4| BIRDIE by Yohei Oki is a paper knife, but it can also be used as a decorative object. It is available in many different colours. Ikarus

5| BIRD was designed by Kristian Vedel in 1959 and produced of smoked and natural oak wood. There are three sizes available, Children, parents and grandparents. The head can be rotated in many ways to create many different expressions like happiness, curiosity or sadness. The body can be turned upside down so that one can decide if having a girl or a boy BIRD. More information at Architectmade.

6| BIRD by JANTZE BROGÅRD ASSHOFF is a ceramic hook were you can hang on your beautiful accessories. Available in black and white.

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