An Apple for Eternity – Lisa Pappon


The apple! Symbol of love, life and paradise. Today it looks like this – the shape is the same, but it has become extremely large. The Brazilian artist and designer Lisa Pappon created these incredible apple sculptures in gigantic sizes up to a diameter of 120 cm, a height of 100 cm and a weight of 140 kg, exclusively for BULL & STEIN.


These handmade objects are made of clay, organic pigments, precious stones, as well as gold and silver. They are available in many colors, glossy or matte, gold or silver plated. There is even a limited edition in bronze and transparent glass.


Depending on the material the apples are suitable for outdoor or indoor use.


The transparent blown glass sculpture sparkles like a jewel in the sun.


Each bronze apple is a unique piece. It is manufactured in a traditional manner, wherein the mold has to be destroyed to reveal the apple.

Photos © Henning Rogge

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