Visiting Mi:hau’s studio


I discovered these two artworks at MI:HAU´s last exhibition in Munich. It was love at first sight and now, after a wonderful and interesting tour through the artist’s studio, both are finally decorating our home.

MI:HAU, whose real name is Michal Plata, lives in Munich and works as an automotive designer. He spends his free time in his studio or doing long distance cycling tours.

Mihau_designhausno9_4Photos MI:HAU on his bike: © 2012 Björn Lexius & Till Gläser for WE ARE TRAFFIC


MI:HAU’s studio, which he shares with other artists.

Here I show you a small selection of my favorite paintings and if you’d like to see more, you can see visit his website or one of his exhibitions. He just was displayed together with Jessica Dettinger at the art fair Berliner Liste and at the end of November there will be another exhibition at the Regensburg Art Fair.


Photos: © Angela Schiewer (except the WE ARE TRAFFIC Photos)

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