How and why do you become a know-it-all? Is it possible to learn it or is it a gift?

And, does it make you happy?
I didn’t earlier know many know-it-alls, but now I have the feeling I got to know them all. This is because I have Sidi, my little cute dachshund. Smart alecs stop, cross the road, or burst out in mid-conversation to advise me on Sidi. So, what drives this particularly not very sympathetic species? Do they want to protect my Sidi from a near destruction, death, suffering, or just from me? My Sidi, who can’t be more spoiled than an only child and I take care of him every day. I worry about which food is the most healthy for him. Does he get all the nutrients he needs? Does he have enough walks? I think we will take another round. Why is he scratching himself? Is there a serious problem? Oh my God, he is puking! Let’s go immediately to the vet.

My last, still quite harmless head shaking experience, took place in a restaurant.
Woman: ‘Your dog is thirsty.’ Wow, suddenly from nothing.
Me: ‘Sorry?’
Woman: ‘Your dog is thirsty. I CAN HEAR THAT.’
We will leave it at that. This performance was easy to digest. Other encounters go from bad to horrible.

“The wise learns from anything and anyone, the normal from his experiences and the fool knows everything better.”

– Socrates –

I’m not a dog expert. If I were, I would earn my money with that, and it wouldn’t be the worst idea. But I’m not an expert—I only know my Sidi very well and don’t react to absurd unsolicited advices anymore. In my experience this leads to nothing. It only becomes worse because the smart alecs want to continue to prove their ‘cleverness‘. Be careful, this will be an endless loop. If I only would meet a really intelligent expert! Someone I could always turn to help, if I have questions. That would be a gift!

Or should I become myself a know-it-all? What a wild idea!

However, it would be very strenuous. I would have to look constantly at others’ errors. Sure, I could do that if I would have nothing to do or if I find myself in such a poor state that I would appreciate by pointing out to others’ mistakes. No, I think I’ll leave it. It’s a bad idea! My husband, however, would argue: ‘Why, with me you always find something to improve.’ But that’s another topic! :-)

I have a totally different proposal: You can do whatever you want and the way you want. I don’t care, because I’m sure that you are doing everything right. Just as I and my Sidi do everything the way we want. Because the truth always lies somewhere in between, and it’s never as it seems.

Well, now I’m going to take care of my Sidi and see if my husband is doing everything right. ;-)

Photos © Angela Schiewer | Model: Sidi, Rabbit Dachshund

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  1. Liebe Angela, was für ein netter Beitrag, der mich sehr zum Schmunzeln gebracht hat…auch als “Nicht-Hundebesitzer”.

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