How would you like your new kitchen to be?


In our first house we really spent some money on a new kitchen with a modern design in dark grey with dark wood. It was the perfect decision to style an open loft space. Today we live in an apartment with a completely white kitchen, which is perfect because the kitchen space is so much smaller and the light colour helps to enlarge it visually.

But one thing is certain, if we would need a kitchen again, we would choose Ikea, because we like the designs and the prices are unbeatable. But on the other hand, I love to have something special, to have the chance to create my own style, and therefore I love companies like REFORM who redesign Ikea kitchens with another look.

They offer different designs for fronts and doors, but I’d like to show you my favorites, one created by Henning Larsen Architects and another by NORM.


The HLA design has two wonderful styles, one with oak and a cooper band and one in white with a white metal band. Both are absolutely great, but I would prefer the oak one with copper.


NORM created a minimalist style one in bronzed tombac and one with sawn smoked oak. I love the dark and the rough appearance combined with a table top in fibre concrete.

reform_designhaus_no9_4b reform_designhaus_no9_5

What do you think? What’s your preferred kitchen style?

Photos © Reform, except Photo 1 © Angela Schiewer

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