Sidi got the coolest sweater ever and I discovered Cane e Gatto

This story began last winter. Sidi and I were sitting in the Mio café where we had a really nice encounter. The door opened and an exceptionally stylish woman walked in. I couldn’t help looking at her and was so impressed by her style. Then I looked down and saw the cutest dog ever wearing a beautiful dog sweater. Together they made a wonderful team, and I had to ask her: ‘Did you knit the dog sweater by yourself?’ I was also looking for a nice piece for Sidi after his back surgery, because we had to keep his back warm during wintertime.
She replied: ‘No, not at all. I bought it at Cane e Gatto. If you still don’t know the shop, you should go there. It’s a wonderful shop and they sell the most beautiful dog sweaters I have ever seen.‘

In the late afternoon I was about to leave when my husband came back. ‘Nice to see you here. Would you like to join us? Sidi gets a sweater.’ When it comes to shopping, my husband is immediately there, seeming to have more fun than I. So, we headed to Cane e Gatto and Sidi got the coolest sweater ever.

Since our visit there, I have been wanting to talk about this charming shop in my blog and I finally contacted the incredibly friendly owner Julia Kottmair. We had a nice meeting and I took some photos for you. Cane e Gatto offers a mix of restrainedly elegant and slightly playful products. You realize immediately that Julia Kottmair truly loves what she does and that she carefully chooses her product range. I love the store and I think Sidi loves it, too.

Thanks to the very nice woman and her little dog for this fantastic tip.

Would you like to see Sidi’s choice? Just look for the paw.

Photos © Angela Schiewer

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