A gorgeous place – Hofgut Hafnerleiten


I recently spent two days at the Hofgut Hafnerleiten near Passau in Germany and I would like to share this gorgeous place with you. I immediately fell in love with the award winning architecture and interior. Surrounded only by trees, tall bamboo hedges and a stunning view from the terrace, the ‘Forest House’ was built to be long and narrow and all spaces are arranged one after the other. It starts with the living room and its beautiful fireplace, all overlooking a large terrace. Along the corridor there is the kitchen, bathroom and an incredibly cozy lounge area overlooking the woods. Then you pass the stairs to the first floor with a bathtub and a wonderful view to the sky. Last but not least we see a cozy bedroom at the other end.

The house is quite pleasant on its own, but there’s much more to enjoy. A great breakfast served in the house and a wonderful dinner under a covered pergola at a long table with the other guests.

You may spend your days doing absolutely nothing, swimming in the lake or booking a relaxing massage, like I did.

It was a wonderful short break and I’m going to go back soon!

Photos 1-3/5-8 © Angela Schiewer  –  Photos 4/9/10 © Gut Hafnerleiten

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  1. Doris Maetin

    Genauso haben wir es auch erlebt, nur einige Tage länger. Unser Rauhaardackel hat die Zeit im Haus am Wald ebenso sehr genossen. An einem Regentag hat uns das Kaminfeuer schon während des Frühstücks gewärmt und entspannt!

    • Ach, wie schön! Bei uns war es verdammt warm, aber das Haus mit Kaminfeuer zu genießen, muss genial sein. Ganz lieben Gruß!

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