Nice apartment looking for a new shelf!

Damn it! It’s so difficult to find a beautiful shelf. Either it is too boring or too playful, or too small, or too tall, or too wide.

We have been living for a few years without shelves and have sold or given away most of our books. Now, we thought a new medium-height shelf would be nice. My husband wanted to redecorate the living room and get rid of the two narrow cabinets, and he was absolutely right. The two cabinets from a well-known Swedish company were only a quick interim solution to hide all our stuff as we moved in. So, we had to clear out and we’re really good at it. I would even go so far as to call us clearing-out experts, and my husband is a sales specialist. Within one day, he sold both cabinets.

“Nice apartment looking for a new shelf!”

So, we are now looking for something new, and I always come back to the String shelf system. Of course, every design lover knows the shelf, but I would like to show you here again how beautiful it is. I don’t know yet whether to choose the system or not, but I am very thrilled about it. The design icon was designed in 1949 by the architect Nils Strinning and the light and dainty design absolutely give the sense of the Scandinavian design trend.

Photos © String

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