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I love an outdoor Urban Jungle! While I was looking around for new ideas I discovered the German based company Urbanature.The Gartenschere (above) is perfect for little spaces and it looks great. When not used it can be easily folded together, but who would ever put it away. The Hängegarten (below) looks great on a terrace wall. One or more plant tubes may be mounted between the steel cables.

“We are drawn to the natural world, it’s in our nature. But we live in the cities and stare at the walls”

– Urbanature –


Personally, I like larger plants, but there are also small or hanging beauties, which you can simply put in the Hochgarten (above).

Urbanature was founded in 2013 by product designer Jörg Brachmann and the products are manufactured in Germany. Wood from sustainable forests and recycled materials are used. If you like it, please take a look at the shop.

Photos © Urbanature

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