Café MIO – Maybe we will meet there


Every day I sit at the computer to create new designs, to edit photos, and to write texts. While I work, my sweet little dog Sidi lies under the desk and waits until I have time for him. Could I have a better friend? Yes, of course! When I hear “Would you like to come along with me to …?” it’s a dear friend saving me from spending too much time at the computer. Recently, more and more I hear: “Angela, would you like to come along with me to the Mio Café ?“, which is a new café in the neighborhood with delicious breads, homemade cakes, a tasty lunch menu, and an incredibly nice interior. It’s an individual mix of furniture, light and cosy with a Bavarian charm.

Now my husband and I spend almost every Sunday morning there, after walking the dog. It’s so relaxing to sit at the Mio with a cup of coffee, and to meet neighbours and friends or to get to know new people. I’m so glad we have this nice place around the corner.

Photos © Angela Schiewer

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  1. Ich war selbst schon im Mio. Ich muss sagen, Du hast die Stimmung und Entspanntheit mit Deinen Fotos sehr gut eingefangen. Die sympathischen Betreiber möchte ich noch erwähnen.

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