How many sleeping places does your pet have and do they look great?

Every time I count Sidi’s numerous sleeping places at home, I think we are crazy. Such a situation develops imperceptibly, without anyone immediately noticing it. Since he is so cute you always like to have him with you. Thus, Sidi has sleeping places everywhere – on the sofa, under the desk, in the kitchen, beside the bed and under the bench in the hallway. He actually uses all these places, but the one under the bench is very special for him. Sidi loves this place passionately because it is very protected and resembles a cave.


“How many sleeping places does your pet have and do they look great? ”


Therefore, I was so impressed when I discovered the Hello Pets dog beds. The absolute coolest one is the Teepee, but I like the classic dog house as well. Both are real dog caves and I’m sure that Sidi would love them. The dog bed is also very nice, although it is open. But hey, I would simply like to remind you the large number of sleeping places of your pet! I’m sure that Sidi isn’t the only spoiled dog.

Product designer Marta Wycech and her cute little dog Brokat live in Lodz, Poland, where she founded Hello Pets in 2016. Inspired by her love for animals and the desire to create beautiful and high-quality products for our little darlings, she designs wonderful pet accessories.

Photos © Hello Pets | Marta Wycech

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