ROADTYPING – created under a starry sky and on lonely mountain lakes

If things go according to my husband’s way, he would put us, me and our little dachshund Sidi, into one of this popular VW Bulli and set off. He is continuously trying to convince me and he tells the tales of his childhood with his four brothers and sisters and the VW Bulli. My answer is always the same: ‘Never ever’, because I feel it isn’t really comfortable. But now, my mouth falls open as I look at these incredible amazing photos of Franziska and Marius. My husband might be right, I suspect. You will never have such great moments by sitting in a hotel, or you have to start very, very early to experience such moods. However, Franziska and Marius, along with their dog Lotta, are already there, and, fortunately, they let us participate in their special moments.

“Let the adventure begin.”


Under their ROADTYPING label, they create wonderful products. I love their idea to illustrate their travel experience as greeting cards, prints, a nice enamel cup, a thermos bottle, and a very charming travel diary, to document our own adventures. A designer by profession, Franziska has a knack for lovely nice designs that are fun and might let me end up travelling with a VW Bulli. My husband would be so happy!

Franziska and Marius are a young couple travelling with their VW Bulli from 1976, which is a heirloom of Franziska’s grandpa. She works as a graphic designer and he is a marketeer. Their cute dog, Lotta, is always with them.

In the meantime, however, there is also a newer VW minibus. Franziska and Marius are always traveling with their ROADTYPING enamel cups.

Everything started with Franziska’s old VW Bulli.

With the lovely travel diary you can document all your memories.


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