Why have a dog? Why not!


Because a dog is pure joy; there’s a highly emotional bond and it’s really true that you love them madly. Why? Perhaps because they love you unconditionally, make you smile every day, is your best companion and is always in a good mood. In any case, this applies to our little dog Sidi.


“He makes me smile every day”

Six years ago I thought that having a dog would be a good idea and we went to a dog breeder who had four incredibly cute puppies. We just wanted to take a look and then think about the possibility of having one. This was incredibly naive, because nobody could come back home without a dog in that scenario. Are you able to resist puppy eyes? We weren’t, especially my husband who only asked me in an attempt to appear neutral, “Well, what do you think?“. He couldn’t wait my answer any longer and enthusiastically called out,“I definitely want one”.


Five weeks later we went to pick up Sidi and from this point our life has changed enormously. Today I go outside more often into the fresh air and don’t spend my whole time at the computer. We have never met so many nice people before, although their attention is focussed to our little Sidi. ;-). He is very affectionate, lovable and brings us endless joy.


The fact that having a dog is good for your health isn’t really true, because although we are willing to go for a walk in the rain, equipped with rain coats and rubber boots, Sidi won’t even think about setting one paw outside on a rainy day. It is always a struggle, when he sits stoically like a statue on the doorstep, with a single thought running through his head, “Go, I’ll wait here.” But look deeper into his eyes and you’ll see him shaking his head and whispering, “These lunatics, ……“.


It is true what they say about dachshunds, that they have a mind of their own. Of course, we went to a dog school, especially ME. My husband thought I would be the more appropriate person to do the course with Sidi. Ha, this lazy guy! Two little dachshunds attended the puppy school and our coach said, before the 2nd lesson, “Well, here we have one bright spark and one little troublemaker, and Angela, yours isn’t the bright spark”. After 9 months of training we successfully brought him through all the examinations. Well, almost, because he didn’t do the water test. Throughout the whole course he had steadfastly refused to go into the water !!! Cue flashbacks to every rainy day he sat with four paws stubbornly on the ground.

And you, do you have a pet and has it changed your life?

Photos © Angela Schiewer

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