My cosy & green bedroom and my lovely travel memories!


Hello to everyone! Today it’s my first time with the URBAN JUNGLE BLOGGERS. The November topic is called A cosy & green bedroom.

After our move to Munich, the bedroom is finally finished, cozy and with a little green and today I would like to present you my mini Ficus plant. I love the styling with my travel memories. The green plant goes perfectly with the wooden dachshund, the frame with my New York photos, the mirror, which I found at a flea market in London years ago and my favorite clutch from Paris. Lovely memories!

I enjoyed the November styling challenge so much and I look forward to the upcoming topic.



Photos © Angela Schiewer

For those who do not know URBAN JUNGLE BLOGGERS: It is a monthly series to bring more greens into our homes and on our blogs. The project was initiated by the two bloggers Judith and Igor. You can find more ideas using #urbanjunglebloggers on twitter, facebook and instagram or Pinterest.

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  1. Angela, toll in Szene gesetzt!

  2. Liebe Angi
    wunderschön kombiniert!

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