Munich – Let’s discover the Maxburg place

Hello everyone, today I would like to stroll through Munich with you. There is an incredibly interesting place in terms of architecture, with impressive buildings, called Maxburg. It was built in the 1950s by the famous architects Sep Ruf and Theo Papst.

The recent openings of the Herzog Bar and the Cotidiano have enlivened this place to a great extent and all the amazing shops around the Maxburg place will also benefit from this. I have been there many times because I am a huge fan of the Scandinavian design shop Room To Dream. But just recently, I have discovered many more wonderful shops around there and I will show you some today. Now, just come on a Maxburg tour if you like.




The Cotidiano restaurant opened this summer in the inner courtyard of the Maxburg. The terrace, in particular, is great during the summer time. I tried the new restaurant immediately before introducing it to you, and it is a clear recommendation. The food is delicious and it is a pleasant place to spend some time. The Cotidiano offers breakfast from 7:30, lunch, and dinner.



“Room To Dream”

Now let’s take a peek into Sabine’s Room To Dream. I love to visit her shop and to discover her wonderful selection of Scandinavian design products. She runs her business with great dedication and you feel really welcome when you enter the shop. My enthusiasm for the Room To Dream is no secret because there are already two posts on dhno9, here and here.



“Herzog Bar”

I often visit the Herzog Bar with my little Sidi (for those who do not already know him, he is my wire-haired dachshund). Whether the restaurant, the lounge corner, or the terrace, I just love the Herzog style. They have a great decor, a nice crew, and incredibly delicious food. A strong recommendation! From the lounge corner you can directly peek into the Room To Dream and see if there is something new.




Stilrad is a bike shop with the most beautiful bicycles I’ve ever seen. Two weeks ago, I tested one of the retro bikes. Fantastic! We also checked whether Sidi would feel comfortable in a basket and would ride along. Because without my Sidi, I do not need a bike.



“Eva’s Glas”

I got to know Eva’s Glass shop through Sabine when we took the pictures for her Maxburg Instagram series (you should take a look at Sabine’s Instagram Account). During the photo session, Eva told us so much about glass and its production that I was completely speechless. Here, you can see a mouth-blown glass from a French manufacturer. You can feel the difference from industrial glass. I did not want to put the glass down.

So, these are my favourite shops, but there are many more such shops around the Maxburg. If you come to Munich, do not forget to come by. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Photos © Angela Schiewer  |  except the Herzog Photos © Herzog Bar

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  1. Hallo liebe Angela,
    was für ein hinreissender Blick auf unsere Maxburg. Und deine Fotos sind einfach nur unglaublich schön. Sie spiegeln die Atmosphäre hier perfekt wieder. DANKE!DANKE! DANKE!

  2. Liebe Angela,
    bin die Karin von vier werkstätten, bzw. die papierwerkstatt. Ich bin absolut superbegeistert von Sabines und Deinem MaxBurg Bericht. Ich liebe solche Infos mit kultureller Untermalung. Bitte besuche mich doch mal, wenn ich auch selber da bin, vielleicht kann ich Dich auch für Papier und Muster begeistern. Aber auf jeden Fall vielen Dank für diesen liebevollen, informativen Text mit den vielen fotografischen Einblicken.

    • Liebe Karin, vielen Dank! Es freut mich sehr, dass Dir unser Maxburg Special gefällt. Wir hatten selbst sehr viel Spaß daran. Liebe Grüße!

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