Living with the Frog King on a tree


Hi, today I have something very special for you – a luxury tree house named FROSCHKÖNIG (Frog King). The curved cabin is covered with tatajuba wood and zink sheets standing on eight stainless steel supports, all in the middle of a water lily pond. That sounds just like a fairy tale and it must be very romantic to spend the summer nights there or to relax on the terrace by day.

From inside, through the half-round windows, one has a great view directly onto the green. The interior is made of bright white varnished ash wood. FROSCHKÖNIG was designed by baumraum, a company specialized in tree houses.

What do you think? Do you like tree houses?


Photos © Alasdair Jardine

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  1. Liebe Angie,
    das ist wieder eine tolle Entdeckung… Schön sind auch die realisierten Hotels.

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