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Here we go again! This post is dedicated to the Urban Jungle Bloggers and the topic for this month is: Show your Plant Gang.

Actually indoor plants are meant, 😉 but my plant gang is outside on our balcony. A wonderful collection of maples, bamboo plants, hostas, wine and two small fir trees. Many of them are 10 years old and I’m always amazed how beautiful they are. Our oldest maple tree is nearly 2 meters high and had to move out in the garden.

I wish you a wonderful and hopefully sunny weekend!

Photos © Angela Schiewer

For those who do not know URBAN JUNGLE BLOGGERS: It is a monthly series to bring more greens into our homes and on our blogs. The project was initiated by the two bloggers Judith and Igor. You can find more ideas using #urbanjunglebloggers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or Pinterest.

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  1. Hi Angela! Your garden and terrace look so peaceful… Seeing your maple reminds me how much I love these trees, so delicate. I bet you enjoy having a morning tea or coffee out there. Mel x

    • Hi Mel, every morning, even when it is cold outside, I enjoy having a Latte. It is so relaxing. xx

  2. Auch sehr schön, die Plant Gang jetzt auch im Freien zu sehen, Angela!! Danke Dir fürs Mitmachen!!

    • Hi Igor, es war wie immer ein tolles Thema. Hoffe auf viele weitere Spaß bringende Ideen. Grüße!

  3. Thank you!

    I thought I was the only rebel to show plants outside. I’m glad you did too:-)
    Beautiful and it looks like you also had beautiful weather.

    I know we’re very lucky to have outside space. Have a good weekend.

    • Hi Tina,

      ja, wir sind schon mal zu zweit ;-).

      I couldn’t be without outside space. Hope you are well and wish you a wonderful weekend too.

  4. What a lush and green outdoor plant gang, Angela! So special that you have some of your plants for almost a decade! I bet you’ve been through a lot together! Thank you for joining our Urban Jungle Bloggers family 🙂

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