Magic City – A city of dreams

Street Art is entertaining, cheeky, colourful, and lively, as well as socially and political critical. A world-famous representative of this style, for example, is Banksy, whose works attract incredible levels of attention as soon as they appear. But wait! Street Art does not mean merely paint being daubed on house walls. It is a demanding art form, which simply takes place in the public space. The exhibition, MAGIC CITY in Munich, showcases a wonderful selection of the best artists and is definitely worth a visit. Around 60 artists are waiting to be discovered, if I have not miscounted. Almost all the artworks were created locally, and you can follow their process of evolution on YouTube. Let’s start with my favourites—and don’t forget to visit the exhibition while taking a stroll through Magic City.

London police show their iconic ‘LAD’ characters. TLP is Chaz Barrison and Bob Gibson.

Film about the The London Police artwork.


You really have to take a look at this video showing the work of Motomichi Nakamura. I love these little men walking and jumping around.


Martha Cooper, a legendary American photographer, began in 1979 and created one of the largest photo documents on Street Art.


Four urban artists from Hong Kong and Berlin founded WENU, with the aim to shape cities better with their art.

Film about the WENU artwork.


Portuguese artist Odeith is well known for his perspective paintings, which create optical illusions.


Leon Keer is a world-famous representative in anamorphic street art.

Film about the Leon Keer artwork.



“Magic City – A city of dreams”

The New York based photographer, and co-founder of the art blog BrooklynStreetArt,  Jaime Rojo documents the urban art scene worldwide. There are incredible photos to discover. Highly recommended!

Interview with the founders of the BrooklynStreetArt blogs, Jaime Rojo and Steven P. Harrington.


With the wall, the pillars and the bike, the Dresden based visual artist Jens Besser, set up an everyday street situation.

Film about Jens Besser’s Work.


Hera and Akut are Herakut and they committed themselves to connect their art with social work. They organize workshops with children and work in refugee camps.

Film about the Herakut artwork.


Ernest “ZACH” Zacharevic from Lithuania with a mixture of painting and installation.

Film about his artwork.


Juandres Vera from Mexico with an incredible three-dimensional painting.

Film about the Juandres Veras artwork.


I wish you a lot of fun while visiting the exhibition. If you like, please leave me a comment after your visit and let me know what you think.

Photos © Angela Schiewer  |  Videos @ Magic City via Youtube

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