LOVA Design by Mery Reif


I recently discovered this wonderful designer on the internet, then we meet and had an interesting talk about her work. Mery Reif studied design at the Munich AMD (academy for fashion & design) and today she works as an interior designer and creates these great shelves.

PIEVOLA is a bench with a “storage function” reminding the shape of a house. It consists of different individual elements and are held together with metal clips.

LUCITO, the light house, looks like a sculpture, but could also be used as a shelf. I think it looks really gorgeous. What do you think?


Mery with her design No2, a shelf series that looks very delicate and airy. More variations could be found on her website LOVA Design.


It is possible to creatively combine the VILLAGIO elements to build different heights and widths. It could also be used as a room divider or a design object.


SKIA is a spatial concept which Mery developed for her bachelor thesis. The individual elements creates different lighting situations and the colours white and gold creates different atmospheric lighting effects. Skia has already been implemented as a prototype and who knows, perhaps it goes into production one day. I hope so, because it is a stunning concept.

Thank you Mery! It was really great to meet you!

Photos © LOVA Design

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