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Since we have been living in Munich I have been looking for a studio for my screen printing work. During one of these studio viewings I met the artist Leah Jade. The studio was not suitable for my textile prints, but I met a very likable and talented artist.

Leah Jade is a painter and composer. She grew up in an artistic family and so she was always surrounded by music and painting and she is a synaesthete. This means she can see colours when listening to music. Every single instrument, each tone pitch or style of music has its own colour, she tells me and I am fascinated by her way of painting. With the music of George Delerue, Michael Emanuel Bauer, JS Bach and her own compositions she created the series of paintings “Klangbilder” (“Sound images”).

Her second, quite different, series is called “Stille” (“Silence”), because she was inspired by silence and meditation. The images arising from her inner world while she is surrounded by a meditative calm.

Currently an exhibition of her paintings at the European Patent Office in Munich will be held until December 12, 2014.


Image 1: Silentium – “Stille”

Image 2: Landscape – “Stille”

Image 3: Fiojo – Music: Lars Danielsson – “Klangbilder”

Image 4: Prelude and Fugue BWV 565 – Music: J. S. Bach – “Klangbilder”

Image 5: Tetris – Music: Michael Emanuel Bauer – “Klangbilder”

Image 6: Symphony – “Stille”

Image 7: Le Mepris – Music: George Delerue- “Klangbilder”

Photos © Lea Jade

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  1. Das war ja dann im ” Little Rabbit” eine perfekte Synthese der Farben. Der Innenarchitekt des süßen Cafe’s scheint aus dem gleichen bunten Leuchten zu schöpfen wie die interviewte Künstlerin.
    Die Ausstellung im Patentamt möchte ich gern besuchen, da die Motive sicher in der Weite noch mehr Tiefe bekommen.
    Ganz bunte Grüße von Sylvana

    • Liebe Sylvana, ich freue mich sehr, dass du wieder mal einen deiner netten Kommentar hinterlässt. Die Bilder sehen im Original toll aus. Bunte Grüße zurück! 😉

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