Wow, I’m cold – Time to wrap up warm


It’s that time of the year again! I’m sitting on my sofa in the evening, looking at one of my favourite Netflix series, Modern Family or Grace & Frankie, which I can warmly recommend, and I’m cold. Ohh, I have blankets, but they are old now and I always think about a new one. Maybe with a bit more pep. But I have to be careful because you can quickly get enough of too much ‘pep’. Would you like to take a peek with me at some wonderful designs so we could discuss them? What do you think?

I’ve collected my favorite blankets here and please send me your suggestions if you like the idea. That would be great!

“Time to wrap up warm”

These beautiful alpaca blankets by the Berlin-based company Woolhunter are made of Bolivian and Peruvian yarns. They are woven in Germany. The founder Frauke Maier sets high value to an environment – friendly production and commercial sustainability, revealing her production costs and donating 10% of the revenues to support her suppliers.

Next on my list are the Bohicket blankets, which are slightly more colourful than the Woolhunter ones and made from Kid Mohair & Silk. These are my favorite beauties.

Readers of my blog know that I’m a huge fan of the Kay Bojesen figures. After they launch their kids’ blankets, there is a brand new lambswool collection for adults with sketches of the famous Kay Bojesen figures. I already loved the designs of the kids’ blankets, but need a bigger size because of my little dachshund Sidi. He definitely needs his space on or under the blanket too.

For all DIY fans I’ve discovered this amazing blanket on Dorothée’s blog l’appartement living. I think it must be easy to realize, and it looks amazing with the gigantic pompoms. For instructions, just visit Dorothées blog.

Photos: 1 © Angela Schiewer | 2 © Woolhunter | 3 © Bohicket  | 4 © Kay Bojesen | 5 © Dorothée

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