A Minimalistic Beauty – Vedbaek House


This old villa outside Copenhagen is amazingly charming. The stucco ceiling and the old fireplace harmonize perfectly with the reduced interior and I feel very invited to start a tour through the house. The colour scheme remains consistently in gray, white and natural tones. Due to the black furniture pieces the interior gets much more depth and stands out perfectly against the white walls. The grey floor is made of polished concrete.

The Vedbaek House IV is a work by Norm Architects. The office is located in Copenhagen and was founded in 2008. Norm works in the fields of interior architecture, product design and photography.


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  1. Karin Schreml

    Können Sie mir bitte sagen, von welchem Hersteller das Sofa ist? Herzlichen Dank.

    • Hallo, leider kenne ich den Hersteller dieses Sofas nicht. Doch es gibt aktuell ein ähnliches Modell “ANGLE” bei Bolia. Vielleicht hilft das weiter. Herzliche Grüße!

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