Make your world colourful and happy

Actually, I like a minimalist style regarding my outfits and living style. But now and then, it has to become more playful and the girl’s gene usually prevails! The current trends lure me, and I’m sitting here with an embroidered sweatshirt the like of which I used to wear in my twenties! The trends this season are colourful, ruffy, full of blossoms, and glittering. Of course, there are patches so that you can maintain your own individuality. Do you remember? Yes, they are back again. You can decorate everything you get your hands on: clothes, bags, suitcases, mobile phones, tablets, and shoes. Even helmets and skis, as I’ve discovered on the Sign of Mine website.

This Munich-based label, under the direction of the designer and founder Stephanie Neumann, creates beautifully embroidered patches. Now, I can stick my embroidered initials everywhere I want, and it was really hard to decide between the variety of motives. But I’ve made it!

Now all I can say is: “Let’s stick to create a more colourful world!”

My personal choice fell on the embroidered initials in black/silver, the ‘Chic happens’ and ‘Star’ patches, and the ‘Pretzel’ from the Wiesn Edition. I instantly made my new camera bag and my mobile phone a little prettier.

Photos © 1-6 Sign of Mine  |  7-10 Angela Schiewer

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  1. Vielen Dank für den schönen Beitrag!!!

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