isartau – Visiting Lisa and Emmett

As you know, I have committed myself wholeheartedly to beautiful dog accessories and that I’m always looking for new ideas, products, and designers. Today, we will visit Lisa from the isartau manufactory. I was so warmly welcomed by her and her lovely dog Emmett, and we talked about her work and how she set up her company: Lisa tried to find, like many dog owners, well-designed and individually styled accessories. But she couldn’t find anything suitable and started to create her own design. This was the starting point of launching isartau.

The made-of-measure leashes and collars are manufactured of robust sail and climbing robes. The ends of the robes are decorated with coloured yarn and some models are available with a personalized leather stamped with your dog’s name. During our conversation, I realized how much Lisa loves her work, and you can see her dedication in her products.

The isartau manufactory is located at the Wiener Platz, one of the most beautiful places in Munich, and Lisa’s studio has a wonderfully inviting atmosphere. I really enjoyed my visit there and absolutely loved browsing through the amazing collection to discover all the different styles. I especially like the cheerful colours like orange, yellow, grass green, and pink, but just as beautiful is the masculine olive-coloured model. I have taken some photos for you and would like to invite you to accompany me through my isartau tour. I’m sure you will understand the cause of my bubbling enthusiasm.

Photos © Angela Schiewer | except Photo 2 & 8 © isartau

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