Inspiration for an elegant bohemian interior

What do you think of the current colour trends? We see a lot of green, blue, some berry tones, and elegant pink shades.

I was really pleased to see that pink remained a popular summer trend in many interior collections. You can read more about it in this post. Now, I discovered that one of my favourite brands, Tine K Home, still goes with it for the AW collection. I think, now we can actually talk about a long-term issue.

Combined with light grey, dark grey, light pink, and a velvety texture, it creates a wonderfully elegant bohemian chic. When I look at the images, I always think how cosy and soothing this look is. I had the same feeling with the last Tine K Home summer collection. Patterns only play a minor role in the current LAKE collection, but it adds a subtly playful note to this interior style.

“Imagine a lake, imagine a simple barn… Just silence and calmness…”

– Tine –

So, what do you think of the bohemian interior? There are different styles—a modern, almost understated, one; an elegant one, like the Tine K Home collection; and a very playful direction, one that you can discover at The Jungalow blog. Personally, I have gone for the modern, elegant way, as long as it is cosy.

To give you an overview, I have compiled a Bohemian Interior Pinterest Board where you can get a lot of inspiration.

Photos © Tine K Home

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