Hippo, give me the calk…


The doorbell rings and I’m sure it’s a courier who delivers packages for my neighbors, because if you work a lot from home you are always there to do those nice things. 😉 But what a surprise, the package is addressed to me. Haven’t ordered anything, I think, but I have just had my birthday. Oh, that’s great! :-)) But the sender is someone who has read my blog carefully and decided to send me a surprise I might like. What can I say, I already had some inquiries, but there was never something interesting I would have liked to present you, but this time it’s a direct hit. I unpack it and immediately fell in love.

“Hippo, give me the calk…”

I would like to present you Hippo, a new Kay Bojesen figure edition. I’m sure you know these charming wood figures, which were created years ago by Kay Bojesen, and today they are design icons, winning our hearts every day. I already have the cute little dachshund that was born in 1934 and has this irresistible expression. Now I have Hippo, which was originally created in 1955 holding a pen in his mouth. The new version is painted with blackboard paint to write messages on it and is holding a chalk. My Hippo is now standing on the window beside the dachshund, so I can see them every day when I sit at my desk. I think we will be very happy together. 😉 By the way, which Bojesen figure is living together with you?


Photos © Angela Schiewer

Thank you to Impulse by Communication for that wonderful surprise.

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