Highlights from the Blickfang design fair 2015


It is always fascinating to visit the Blickfang design fair and to discover new designers and innovative labels. I really love it!


I like to share some great designers with you and we will start right away with AOIRO.

Shizuko Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig founded AOIRO and they create wonderful room fragrances with a great packaging design. I really enjoyed speaking with both and learning more about their products. My favorite is the little perfume bottle and I love this small fragrant cards, which can be used to perfume the handbag for example. Isn’t it great?

By the way, AOIRO is one of the MINI Design Award winners.


LIGNUM ARTS as well is a MINI Design Award winner, precisely because of this table. If you have many guests and the table is too small you can simply pull it apart. It works by wood lamellas, like a concertina.


With BOUNCE product designer VERONIQUE BAER has created very interesting chairs. In the moment you sit down it adapts totally to your body shape and bounces back up after you left.


NICOLAJ STEENFATT has been selected by Poul Madsen from Normann Copenhagen to join the exhibition ‘Blickfang selected’. It is a special show for young designers to present themselves and their work.

Nicolaj Steenfatt’s lamps IMPASTO are manufactured with a specially developed biodegradable natural fibre. The raw materials are mixed with pigments into a dough and shaped.


Designer ANNA BADUR was invited by the Danish furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen to present her work at all the Blickfang fairs this year. She designed a new fabric for the great Drop chair by Arne Jacobsen. The patterns are drawn by the power of wind by blowing the pigments over wet fabric. The result is a range of unique patterns.

Photos © Angela Schiewer

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