“High Container” by Sebastian Herkner for Pulpo

The High Container by German designer Sebastian Herkner is made of silvered and tinted glass and it perfectly match with the metallic trend. The Container first was created as part of a workshop by Glass is Tomorrow and in 2013 the company Pulpo added it to their product range. Now it is available at the Pulpo-Shop.

Sebastian Herkner studied product design at the Offenbach University of Art and Design and has already received several design awards for his work.


Photos ©Pulpo

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  1. Hi Angela: I saw your profile on the new Decor8 Course and came over! We have similar backgrounds in design, and of course, this is the place to make new friends!
    And..I adore these containers: just gorgeous.
    I’ll visit you again, and “see” you in class. I do look forward to getting started!!!

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