Handmade Porcelain series by Lukas Grewenig & Carolin Walch


Hello, today I have another discovery from the Ambiente 2014. This lovely porcelain series is a collaboration between the two designers Lukas Grewenig and Carolin Walch. The handmade pieces by Lukas Grewenig are glazed inside and matt outside which is a wonderful contrast and Carolin Walch created these great illustrations. I love the black drawings on the white porcelain.

I wish you a nice weekend!


Photos © Grewenig & Walch

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  1. Angela these ceramics are such a find! I love the paintings on them, original and cute. Mel x

    • Hi Mel,

      I discovered the ceramics on the design fair in Frankfurt and was immediately excited. Happy you like it.

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