Green, green and much more green…


Hello friends, there is a new book release, which I would like to present you today. It’s called ‘Urban Jungle’ by Urban Jungle Bloggers founders Judith de Graaff and Igor Josifovic. Both are huge plant lovers, and it started with the idea to built a community to connect with other plant lovers, but also to convince all others living without plants to let more green in our homes and hearts. Well, people like me, and they really succeeded. The Urban Jungle Bloggers became a very popular community, and now Judith and Igor created this wonderful book. It features plant lovers’ wonderful homes, care tips, which could help me to maintain some of my plants, I hope, and some very gorgeous DIYs, like the botanical frame.

“Green, green and much more green…”

The photographs in the book were taken by Photographer Lina Skukauskė and Saar Manche created the lovely illustrations.

In case there is somebody who doesn’t know the Urban Jungle Bloggers and would like to join, just visit their website. It’s really easy and lifts the mood.

Photos © Angela Schiewer

There is also a German release.

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