A Swedish country house – Wellness for the soul

A wonderful silence, the endless green, and a calm composure – that’s wellness for the soul and exactly how I imagine country life. But I’m a convinced city dweller and prefer to live right in the midst of it all – where the action is and where I have a choice of various activities.

Then, I see such pictures and occasionally waver. That could be a perfect getaway for the weekend, I think. In any case, I am rather sold on a style like that of this Swedish country house from 1770. It is located in Gotland and surrounded by the sea – heavenly beautiful, and I’m sure you will love it. The furnishings of the house have a simple and timeless style, and it is dominated by earthy colours on a white base.

Ready to see? I wish you a marvellous weekend inspiration.

Images courtesy of Fantastic Frank  |  Photographer: Emma Jonsson Dysell

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