A colourful apartment in Paris


Today I’m happy to show you Sarah Lavoine’s stunning apartment located in wonderful Paris. The large space, high ceilings with decorated cornices and classical fireplace makes it very elegant and typically french and the special use of colours creates an incredibly unique atmosphere. I love the decision to paint the doors and frames in black and even the majority of the flooring and some walls are black. It is this, in combination with dramatic colours, that makes every room so varied and yet harmonious.

The living room is painted black and white with a mix of classical furniture and modern art. The library is my favourite room. It has that striking turquoise wall in combination with a lot of black, which is a dramatic combination.

Located between the living room and the library there is the yellow dining room. With the yellow and white walls, which are framed in black she has created a Mondrian-esque style. I think this is staggering, isn’t it?

The kitchen is almost entirely painted and furnished in black. Only the table brings a spot of colour. In contrast to the whole apartment the bedroom seems a little bit restrained and calm, but no less interesting. I think it is the appropriate environment to rest from your hectic everyday life.

All you need to do now is come in past through the entrance and take a look around this great apartment.

Photos © Francis Amiand

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