Take a peek into Little Greene Manufactory and the new colours for 2017

Today I have a great suggestion for all those who are about to renovate their home or are unsure whether they should and just don’t know how it should look. As an England admirer and a lover of colours, I’m happy to show you the new Little Greene paints, and as a special feature, I have some wonderful manufacturing photos for you.

The colours are produced in Bethesda, North Wales, according to traditional recipes and with a high pigment content, giving the shades an intense colour depth. After all, there are awards dating back to 1773. We can definitely talk about an old traditional craft here.

I always love to see the manufacturing process of a product, especially when it’s about interior, such as textiles, wallpapers and wall colours, and I was thrilled to see these great images. It’s an amazing moment to walk through a factory, and perhaps one day I’ll visit the Little Greene Manufactory.


“Colours of England”

For 2017, there is a palette of colours called the ‘Colours of England’ with some new shades, seven in total, the popular tones from the Little Greene Archive, and colours from the ‘Pink’ and ‘Blue’ collections. This is a wide range containing beautiful natural and intense shades. I can’t show you all because the palette comprises as many as 184 shades, so I chose my favourites, but you can browse the whole collection on the Little Greene website.

Photos © Little Greene

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