3 wonderful Outdoor-Dining ideas!


Summer, sun and a wonderful “outdoor room”. Is there anything better? Perhaps these wonderful ideas could be an inspiration for you, because they have inspired me instantly. The first image was taken by She-n-He Photography for Camille Styles. It’s an oriental and colourful decorated table and I love Orange & Pink. Thanks to Melanie Grizzel for giving me the permission to show this image.


Photographer Melanie Duerkopp has made these wonderful pictures of her own birthday party. This style would suit all country-style lovers and I especially like the black & white striped table runner with this lovely and delicate flower bouquet. Thank you Melanie, that I can present your images.


I think this “outdoor dinner” idea on a river under trees is very romantic. The effort is not to be underestimated, but the result is worth it and I can hear the rushing water ;-). Thanks to Natalie Brookshire, that I can show your image.

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  1. Outdoor geht bei mir immer,
    Ich könnte mir sogar eine Freiluft-Hochzeit vorstellen.
    Das Romantic Dinner-Bild passt da wunderbar ins Bild 🙂
    Ganz liebe Grüße

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