Doodle art for interiors

Jon Burgerman_Romo_designhausno9_1

The topic today is a very playful and creative one. Let’s enjoy these fabrics with the hand-drawn doodles by Jon Burgerman. A doodle is a simple drawing, made by people while they are doing other things, like telephoning or daydreaming.

Jon Burgerman, a British born artist currently living in NYC, is a leading figure of the ’doodle’ art movement. His humorous work, placed between urban art and pop culture, is now introduced by Kirkby Design, a part of the Romo textile group. The 12 colourful designs are available for upholstery, drapes and cushions.

I have to admit, that I was never a fan of doodling before today, but this collection is so incredibly positive and makes me smile. I think that is reason enough to delve deeper into this art form and this video is the best way to start.

Jon Burgerman_Romo_designhausno9_3

Jon Burgerman_Romo_designhausno9_2

Photos © Kirkby Design x  Jon Burgerman | except Photo 1 & 8 © Angela Schiewer

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