A modern kitchen with a rural charm


It’s the first time that I have written about kitchens, but recently I attended a very interesting presentation by Boffi and it was a pleasure to meet the designer Patricia Urquiola. Her presentation was so lively and full of passion that I enjoyed it very much.

Patricia Urquiola’s SALINAS kitchen has a wonderful matt black metal structure, and different door front panels out of materials such as metal, concrete and glass. I saw a beautiful wooden peninsula table, which can be moved into any desired position and I liked the black stone sink with the black tap. But my absolute favorite details were the amazing Lava worktop with an incomparable design and the trench in the middle of the worktop providing storage space. I love the possibility to hide things, because it is a short step from stylish to messy.

The kitchen design is very functional with a rural charm and a focus on using a variety of materials.

Photos © Angela Schiewer, except photo 2 © Boffi

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