Australian Artist Lara Merrett


I’m really happy that I’ve discovered the amazing artist Lara Merrett, through reading Annie’s blog Stylejuicer. The painting was a detail in one of her posts and I thank Annie for finding out the artist’s name. I was immediately impressed by Lara’s work and would like to show you these tremendously energetic and lively paintings. The colours are rich and powerful but soft at the same time, due to the transparent layers.

Lara Merrett was born in Melbourne and studied art in Madrid and New South Wales. Today she lives and works in Sydney.


Photos © Lara Merrett

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  1. Bravo Angela for featuring Lara’s work and I’m glad we could both inspire each other. I’m completely in love with her work too!!! Maybe because she somehow reminds me of one of my favourite artists Georgia O’Keeffe. What do you think?

    • Hi Annie, I am happy you like it. Yes, Georgia O’Keeffe was a great artist. Her paintings are expressive and powerful as well.

  2. Great discovery! The colours are so wonderfully vibrant. My favourite is the third from the bottom. Mel xx

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