This winter is so feminine and the trend will continue in 2017


Do you remember the classic winter interior colours? They are always dark and covered, but this winter is quite feminine. Rosé in all shades paired with light beige, rather for the coming spring, and golden ochre, which perfectly complements this winter. In any case, brass always goes to the rosé trend, but I choose copper, which is and remains my favourite. I first noticed this colour some time ago in the Bolia and Muuto collections, but this autumn I attended the Little Greene Paints presentation PINK for A/W16 and I completely fell in love with these amazing shades. Now let’s dive into this beautiful colour mood and see if you like it too.

“This winter is rosé”

Here you see some Bloomingville ideas. Not only the colours but also the forms are very feminine. There are curved lamps and vases, soft textiles, such as fluffy cushions, fabrics with shining brass dots, and a beautiful wall hanging.


Bolia has a more muted and noble trend interpretation. The design has a retro touch and the rose-coloured seat is definitely a highlight.


We are now diving into the Little Greene Paints. The PINK collection presents 8 colours ranging from light rosé to pink and red to a deep dark bordeaux.

ein_femininer_winter_designhaus_no9_8 ein_femininer_winter_designhaus_no9_5

“The rosé trend will continue in 2017!”


KlipKlap also has a nice rosé suggestion with his daybed. It is decorated as a bench, but with a second cushion, you can immediately lie on it and take a little nap.


Now I’ll show you a small selection of more favourite pieces.


Cushion, chair, vase, sheepskin: Bloomingville  |  wall tealight, jar, bowl: Bolia

Photos 1,2 © Bloominville  |  3 © Bolia  |  4,6,7 © Little Greene  |  5 © Angela Schiewer  |  8 © KlipKlap

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