The Schlossberg studio

A peek inside the Schlossberg bedlinen studio!


Recently I was invited to see the new Schlossberg designs and they are really stunning. But I was much more impressed when learning more about their fabrication process.
It was a very emotional moment, because I worked as a bedlinen designer for many years and it was a wonderful time. Designing a new collection, passing the technical process and in the end standing at the printing machine and watching my design coming alive. Screen by screen and color by color. I loved it!

The Swiss company Schlossberg was founded 180 years ago and is well known for their wonderful and precious fabrics printed with hand drawn motifs. The designs are very ornate and it is a challenge to produce the screens, because each design has up to 15 colors. That is a lot, because an average design normally has around 6-8 colors. The patterns are screen printed and often the colors need fine adjustment directly during the printing process to become perfect.

There is a great film at the bottom of this post about the manufacturing process. It is worth taking a look. Just watch and enjoy the inspiring images.


Photos & Film © Schlossberg

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