Chicken Point Cabin in Idaho


Wow, what a stunning window! The Olsen Kundig Architects team has designed an amazing house. It is a box with an enormous window wall, 30 ft by 20 ft, that opens completely to the lake and although it doesn’t look like, it is easy to use as shown in this Video.

The main materials are concrete and steel and in contrast to these hard and cold materials, they used wood, warm colours and lighting in the interior.

What do you think? Do you like this house?

Photo (with fireplace) © Mark Darley
Photo (dining table) © Undine Prohl
all other photos © Benjamin Benschneider

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  1. Boah, das ist wirklich traumhaft schön!
    LG Caro

    • Hi Caro, ich finde es auch sehr schön und außergewöhnlich. Das Haus, wie auch den Ausblick. LG

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