Cathleen Naundorf and her magically romantic art

Cathleen_Naundorf_designhaus_no9_1“L’arche de Noé XVIII” by Cathleen Naundorf – Dior – Haute Couture Summer 2012

Once I discovered Cathleen Naundorf’s work I was immediately excited by her wonderful photography. Especially the Haute Couture series L’Arche de Noé, which features animals and exquisite fashion by well known designers like Elie Saab, Dior, Gaultier and Chanel. Her project L’Arche de Noé has a mysterious and extremely feminine aura. She is telling us the Bible story of Noha’s Ark in a romantic and magical way. This series is one of her recent projects and is currently being exhibited in New York at the Edwynn Houk Gallery.

Cathleen_Naundorf_designhaus_no9_4“L’arche de Noé XXXV” by Cathleen Naundorf, ( 35 ) Arch 2,3 Elie Saab Haute Couture Winter 2014/15

Cathleen_Naundorf_designhaus_no9_3“L’arche de Noé VIII” by Cathleen Naundorf – Dior – Philip Treacy – Haute Couture Summer 2012

Cathleen_Naundorf_designhaus_no9_2“L’arche de Noé XXXIII” by Cathleen Naundorf, Elie Saab, Haute Couture Summer 2014

Cathleen Naundorf was born 1968 in Germany. She started working as a photojournalist traveling around the world before she began photographing Paris fashion shows. Her artwork is influenced by her experience in painting, photojournalism and fashion photography.

Cathleen_Naundorf_designhaus_no9_8 Cathleen_Naundorf_designhaus_no9_7
Photos © Cathleen Naundorf | the last two photos © Tristan Siegmann

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